KO Propo 3D-ST2 Adapter

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Take advantage of the updated features of the new KO Propo Steering Unit 2 (KOP10645) with the adjustability of the 3D Extension Unit (KOP10501), using the 3D-ST2 Adapter from Black Fabrica.

What's included:

  • High quality, precision adapter, semitransparent black 
  • (4) screws

Carbon wrap for the steering unit portion with the adapter is available separately in either Textured Matte or High Gloss Carbon Finishes, here.

** KO Propo Steering Unit 2 (KOP10645) and 3D Extension Unit (KOP10501) purchased separately
** This adapter only allows for the combination of the two units
** The color of the adapter plastic may vary
** Please refer to the instruction manuals for assembly and care
** Do not over tighten screws, it may damage the plastic

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