The Black Fabrica Cleaning Glass Jar is a convenient pit accessory with many utilities!

The lid features a textured matte carbon fibre appliqué revealing the Black Fabrica factory logo

It can be used for:

    • Differential Cleaning: Place diff halves, planetary gears, cross shafts, and pins into glass jar. Pour solvent of choice (degreaser, citrus cleaner, lighter fluid, etc.), close lid and swirl around. It is not recommended to put rubber seals with any of the solvents. (Example shown in photo: XRAY NT1 2016 Rear Diff)
    • Shock Oil: Empty shock oil into the Black Fabrica glass jar.  The height and stability of the glass jar reduces likelihood of spilling in your pit area.
    • Parts/Accesories Storage


Product Dimensions:

Width: 6.0 cm

Height: 5.4 cm

Depth: 6.0 cm


Made in USA


 ** Over tightening the lid will reduce the seal effectiveness 

 ** Keep jar in an upright position when storing fluids 

 ** Handle with care, caution should be used with broken glass


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