New Product: Black Fabrica 200mm Nitro Touring Car Wing End Plate_v1 (6-Pack)

Pack of 6 precision cut end plates for 200mm Nitro Touring Car Wing. Precision cut 0.5mm 6k Twill Weave Carbon Fiber to IFMAR specs of 50mm x 35mm. The use of wing end plates offer increased stability at high speeds.

Made from 6K 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber fabric, this product is 100% genuine carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber wing end plates are offered in either a high gloss finish for a mirror-like shine, or a satin finish for those who prefer a lower shine. 

With either finish, the other side is pre-textured on the back to bond to any surface, using a double-sided adhesive of your choice (Not Included).

Available for purchase here